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            Temperature Indicator

            Wall-mounted Temperature Indicator

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            ⅠMain Features & Applicable Ranges
            There are four graduations for user selection. This instrument can be matched with not only fast thermocouple for quick and accurate temperature measurement, but also industrial thermocouple to for continuous temperature measurement. With microprocessor as its core, this instrument conducts automatic calibration of null point, scale span and cold junction temperature for artificial circuit; Accurate reference source and software processing technology are applied to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the instrument; Double integral A / D converter is applied to enhance anti-interference. The casting thermometer is the optimal instrument for metallurgy, nonferrous metals, machinery and other industries, for it can operate automatically and reliably for a long term in severe environment and high temperature.

            Ⅱ Main Technical Parameters
            1 Measurement Ranges


            Graduation Temperature range (℃) Continuous Measuring Temperature Range(℃)
            S 1200 ~ 1769

            ~ 1769

            B 1200 ~ 1820


            R 1200 ~ 1769

            ~ 1769

            WRe3/25 1000 ~ 1999 0 ~ 1999

            2, Accuracy: 0.2
            3, Digital Display
            High brightness LED nixie tube is applied with half and triple digit on single-sided display and the letter height is 120mm with three-color status light.
            4, Working conditions
            Operating Temperature: 0℃~ 50℃; Relative humidity: ≤85% 
            Storage Conditions: -25℃~ 70℃; Relative humidity: ≤85%
            5, Power Supply 
            AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%;  power dissipation: about 50W
            6, Weight: 6.5kg

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